Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunky Dory

A1    Changes
A2    Oh! You Pretty Things
A3    Eight Line Poem
A4    Life on Mars?
A5    Kooks
A6    Quicksand
B1    Fill Your Heart
B2    Andy Warhol
B3    Song for Bob Dylan
B4    Queen Bitch
B5    The Bewlay Brothers



1 comment:

  1. seriuosly...after listening (again) to most of these albums, and knowing what (i think) i know about Phish....this is the one. if not, well they should definitely do it someday anyway... if you haven't given it a listen will thank yourself. after all, isn't there an obscure, ancient;) track named for this troubadour of life's menagerie?